Getting Closer to paying off my Trip!

Today I paid $115 on my trip. I am down to $435 left to pay. It sure does not seem like much now. In fact if everything goes as planned, I may be done by the end of the month. I bought a gift card from AARP an got 10% off. So I saved $10 there, and I had a $15 Visa card from Swagbucks. So another $25 in free money towards the trip. It all adds up. Since I have now used $312 in free money to pay for this trip. I am going to keep going until it is time to leave.

My next step is to get my passport. I will be going to do that before the end of April. I need to get my birth certificate also. So I can do that all at the Courthouse.

I took a part time job waiting tables. I have been training but this Saturday is my first night doing it on my own. I did have my own table on Saturday, and made $12 in tips. I am hoping once I am up to my 2 nights a week, that I can make about $150 in tips. I plan to pay bills, and save money. I am not working all these crazy hours, to not get ahead.


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